Ford Starter Motors

MC’S AutoFactors carry an extensive stock of starter motors for all Ford vehicle models. So if you are looking for a starter motor for your Ford please call our parts hotline at (01) 408 9042 today for the best value available anywhere, plus next day express delivery of your Ford starter motor to any destination throughout Ireland.

What are Car Starter Motors?

A car starter motor is an electric component that turns over the engine to start it. It closes the electric circuit and sends the battery power to the starter motor. At the same time, the starter solenoid pushes the starter gear forward to mesh with the engine flywheel. Typically a starter motor has electric coils that are attached to the casing and the moving part – known as the armature. On the front end of the armature, there is a small gear that attached to the armature through an overrunning clutch. This part is more usually known as the Bendix.

Problems With the Starter Motor

Problems with turning over the engine, or cranking, may be caused by the battery, the battery cables or the starter. If you are sure that the battery is in good order then check the battery cable connections. Make sure that they are clean and tight.

If the engine is not turning over but you can hear a clicking it is likely that the problem is that the solenoid switch is not connecting the power from the battery to the starter motor as it kicks in. Once again it is advisable to make sure that the battery and the cables are not the problem. Now you can try jumping the two large lugs on your starter solenoid with a screw driver to see if the starter motor will run without engaging the solenoid. If the motor spins up and sounds OK then the problem is with the solenoid and it should be replaced.

A further problem that might arise is the starter motor may not disengage with the flywheel. Normally this makes a lot of noise and causes a lot of wear on the starter gear and the starter brushings by spinning the starter motor at high speeds. On occasions the starter will not disengage even after the engine has stopped. You can try leaving the car in gear and rocking it backwards and forwards to release the starter from the flywheel. This is normally caused by a broken or weak spring that assists the starter drive to retract when the power is cut to the starter motor. If the battery and wiring all check out OK then you are looking at replacing the starter or solenoid.

If you need to order a replacement Ford starter motor please contact MC’s today.