Ford Water Pumps

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What is a Car Water Pump?

The main function of your vehicle’s water pump is to cool the engine by circulating fluid around the engine when it is running. It is a relatively simple centrifugal pump driven by a belt connected to the crankshaft. The water pump employs centrifugal force to push fluid to the outside while it spins, causing fluid to be drawn from the centre on a continuous basis. The inlet to the pump is situated near the centre so that fluid returning from the radiator hits the pump vanes. The pump vanes send the fluid to the outside of the pump so that it can enter the engine. The fluid leaving the pump flows first through the engine block and cylinder head, and then into the radiator and finally back to the pump.

Problems With the Water Pump

Very often the first time that drivers realise that they have a problem with their vehicle’s water pump is when their engine overheats while driving or sitting in traffic. With a little knowledge most motorists can improve their chances of predicting when their water pump might fail. Firstly you should ascertain what the pump looks like and where it sits under the bonnet.

Once you have located your water pump, you should look for some specific things to alert you about its condition. Water pumps have a weep hole that faces either to the side or toward the ground. The weep hole on most water pumps is about half the size of an average pencil. Water pumps have an internal gasket that seals this hole from the inside. As this seal wears, the weep hole will begin to live up to it’s name i.e. begin to weep. Small amounts of coolant will begin to leak from this hole and leave a telltale trail down your engine. If you see this then you should replace the water pump as soon as possible.

If water is actually pouring from this hole when your car is idling you should take it in for repair before you drive it any further. Fill it with coolant and get it to a garage as soon as possible. If it is a long distance to the garage you may need to be towed if the leak is really bad.

After a period of time water pumps begin to make a regular squeak. Every turn of the pump will create a short but audible squeak. Your water pump will probably be showing no other signs of wear or damage when this squeak first becomes obvious. If you do hear the squeak then you should avoid any long trips and have your mechanic check out your water pump within a week or two.

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