Ford Wheel Bearings

MC’S AutoFactors carry an extensive stock of wheel bearings for all Ford vehicle models. So if you are looking for wheel bearings for your Ford van please call our parts hotline at (01) 408 9042 today for the best value available anywhere, plus next day express delivery of your Ford Transit wheel bearings to anywhere throughout Ireland.

What are Wheel Bearings?

Wheel bearings perform two vital roles in a car or van’s suspension. The wheel bearing help the wheels to turn with the minimum of function, and they also support the car or van ’s weight. In order to be able to perform both functions, the bearings must be in extremely good condition. The seals on the wheel bearings must be secure and free of any leaks in order to keep the lubricant inside the bearings and to keep potential contaminants out.

Although wheel bearings are designed to last for up to 150,000 miles the constant load does have a detrimental affect on the bearings, on the grease, and on the seals also. If a wheel bearing fails, it is usually due to poor adjustment, contamination, or loss of lubricant. In the event of a seal beginning to leak, the wheel bearings are compromised. When the seals on sealed wheel bearings fail the entire bearing hub assembly should be replaced.

The first symptom of wheel bearing trouble is noise. There is usually a grinding, chirping or cyclic noise will be emanating from the vicinity of the wheels. This is a clear signal that trouble is now fermenting that should be addressed. Under no circumstances should you ignore a noisy wheel bearing as it could suddenly fail and a car or van could lose a wheel while driving.

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