Ford Wiper Blades

MC’S AutoFactors carry an extensive stock of wiper blades for all Ford vehicle models. So if you are looking for wiper blades for your Ford please call our parts hotline at (01) 408 9042 today for the best value available anywhere, plus next day express delivery of your Ford wiper blades to any destination throughout Ireland.
Wiper Blades

Wiper blades tend to be a bit of an afterthought for many motorists yet they play a very important role in safe motoring. Up to 20% of all road accidents are caused by poor visibility. You should ensure that your wiper blades are always in excellent condition and you should change them at least once per year. If they become damaged they should be changed immediately.

If your wiper blades make a juddering sound, or other unusual noises, when in operation they need to be changed. Your blades are not making proper contract with your windscreen which is probably due to damage or wear and tear. If you wiper blades leave streaks or un-wiped areas of the windscreen they need to be changed. You can also check the condition of your blades by running your thumb and finger along the length of the blade. If the wiper blades feel worn or uneven then they should be changed.
Changing Wiper Blades

When changing your wiper blades you should first clean your windscreen with a gentle detergent. Change both blades at the same time to ensure clear vision through the entire windscreen. If you have a rear wiper it is a good idea to change this also.

Finally you should keep in mind that if your windscreen wipers are not in good condition your vehicle may fail the NCT test.

If you need to order replacement Ford wiper blades please contact MC’s today.